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Now our international web visitors can watch most of our YouTube videos captioned in over 150 different  foreign language subtitles.  Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to turn on captions in your language.

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Dental Fillings without Mercury: Best for Health, Better for the Environment Brochure / Les Obturations Dentaires Sans Mercure Meilleures Pour La Santé, Meilleures Pour L’environnement


IAOMT 2016 Comprehensive Review on the Toxic Effects of the Mercury in Dental Amalgam Fillings/ IAOMT 2016 סקירה מקיפה על ההשפעות הרעילות של מרקורי שיניים תערובת סתימות


See a variety of resources at IAOMT Asia’s website/ IAOMTアジア.

See a variety of resources at IAOMT Japan’s website/医科歯科連携診療普及協会.


Mercury-free Dental Fillings Brochure / Obturações Dentárias sem Mercúrio

The Toxic Effects of Mercury in Amalgam Restorations on the Environment and Human Health Fact Sheet; August 2011 / Os Efeitos Tóxicos Do Mercúrio Das Restaurações De Amalgama Sobre O Meio Ambiente E A Saúde Humana; Agosto 2011

International Oral Medicine and Toxicology Academy (IAOMT) 2014 Position Statement against the Use of Dental Restorations with Mercury Amalgam for Doctors, Dentists, Dental Students and Patients / Academia Internacional de Medicina Oral e Toxicologia (IAOMT) 2014 Declaração de Posicionamento contra o uso de Restaurações Odontológicas com Amálgama de Mercúrio para Médicos, Dentistas, Estudantes de Odontologia e Pacientes

Global Warning: The Dangers Of Dental Amalgam Mercury Article/Aviso Global: Os Perigos Do Mercurio Na Amalgama Dentaria (Páginas 4 e 5)

Excerpts and Abstracts of Mercury 101/102; 2013; Resumos e Trechos Selecionados – Mercúrio, 101 e 102

Support and Additional Text Mercury 102; 2013 / Texto Adicional De Apoio – Mercúrio 102

Fractures relationship between the teeth and the Creep and Flow of Amalgam Mercury Dental; IAOMT Scientific Review / Relação entre Fraturas nos Dentes e o Creep and Flow dos Amálgamas de Mercúrio Dentários

Analysis of Mercury Vapor Risk Factors; IAOMT Scientific Review / Análise dos Fatores de Risco do Vapor de Mercúrio


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Helping Patients Make Informed Decisions about Silver Mercury Fillings Brochure / Empastes De Plata Mercurio Ayudando A Los Pacientes A Tomar Decisiones Informadas

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Mercury-free Dental Fillings Improve Health and Help Protect the Environment Brochure / Empastes Dentales Libres De Mercurio: Al Mejorar La Atención Y La Ayuda Protegemos El Medio Ambiente

Toxic Effects of Mercury in Dental Amalgam Fillings on Environment and Human Health, August 2011 / Efectos Tóxicos Del Mercurio En Empastes Con Amalgamas Dentales Sobre El Medio Ambiente Y La Salud Humana; Agosto De 2011

Fluoride Brochure / Fluoracion

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IAOMT for Professionals: the Forefront of Biological Science-Based Dentistry Brochure / IAOMT Para Los Profesionales: La Vanguardia De La Odontologia Biological Con Base Cientifica

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