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Elemental Mercury droplets

The IAOMT encourages patients to get educated about the toxic effects of the mercury in dental amalgam fillings on the environment and human health.

What Mercury Problem?

Most people don’t realize they have mercury in their fillings that could be making them sick.
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Is Safe Removal An Option?

Can mercury fillings be safely removed? How is it done? What if I’m pregnant or nursing?
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The Facts About Mercury

Who else is affected by mercury fillings? What are the toxic effects? Are there solutions?
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How To Take Action

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Additional Resources

Watch Evidence of Harm

Examine the devastating effects of mercury exposure on patients, dentists and staff by following four people as they struggle to regain health and provide help to others. Sponsored in large part by IAOMT.

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Visit The Mercury Free Baby Project

A joint project of IAOMT and the Coalition for Mercury Free Drugs (CoMeD, Inc.). Mercury Free Baby advocates for mercury-free fillings, mercury-free medicines, mercury-free vaccines, and mercury-free children.

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