Passwords, Usernames and Logging In

How Do I Log In?

Current members who have paid this year’s dues can go directly to the Login page and enter your Username and Password to get to the member’s only section of the website.


What Is My Username or Password

Go to the login page and you will see a link to request your username or to reset your password.

How Do I Change My Username or Password

To change your username, log into the members only section and go to the “your profile” link under the picture. Once there, you can scroll down and you will see an edit button.

To change your password, log into the members only section and go to the “your profile” link under the picture. Once there, hover your mouse over the “your profile” tab and you will see a drop down box, and in there you will see the menu item “change password”.

Applying & Renewing Memberships

How Do I Become A Member?

To view the different types of memberships, go to the Apply Online Page. You can also join by clicking the button below. Upon submitting your registration for membership, you will receive an email receipt for your payment and a welcome email with information regarding your membership.

Become A Member

How Do I Renew My Membership?

Two weeks prior to your membership renewal being due, you will receive a reminder email that your membership will expire on July 1. Attached is an invoice. You can pay directly from that invoice. Our new member program utilizes recurring billing. If you paid online in 2017, you were set up for auto renew. If not, you will need to pay online next year to be set for auto renew.

If you don’t pay directly from the invoice that was emailed, you may log in to the members only section, go to the “your profile” tab. Once there, hover your mouse over the “your profile” tab and look in the drop down box for the menu item “invoices”. Click on invoices, and you can see all your invoices. You can then pay directly from that invoice.

Renew Now

Are My Payments Secure?


1. We have installed SSL security certificates on our website hosting platform.

2. Our membership payments tool enforces SSL on checkout.

3. You will notice that the http:// changes to https:// on the page that you enter your credit card number.

Member Forum

The IAOMT Forum is a place where IAOMT members can start communication (in the form of topics) and reply to other members’ threads. Years ago, forums were often referred to as message boards.

Messages posted by members are visible to all other members.  Once read, there is the option for other members to post a reply. Thus, a discussion can build up without all members having to be online at the same time.

The most common thread for our members will be the “Clinical Discussions” thread. Once you click on that, you will see a variety of topics. You can respond to any thread. If you have a question that has not been posted, you can create your own. This is an essential tool for members to reach out and get help from their colleagues.

To use the forum, you must log in to the members only section. Then you will click “forum” in the header menu.

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Can’t Find The Answer Here?

Email us at [email protected] or call us at Main Office: (863) 420-6373 or Tech Support: (863-248-2300) for help.