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Dental Amalgam, Mercury Exposure and Human Health Risks Throughout the Life Span

This infographic was created as a poster abstract for a book chapter entitled "What Is the Risk? Dental Amalgam, Mercury Exposure, and Human Health Risks Throughout the Life Span" by IAOMT's John Kall, DMD, Amanda Just, MS, and Michael Aschner, PhD. The chapter is part of the 2016 Springer publication Epigenetics, the Environment, [...]

Mercury Induced Dementia

Exposure of neurons in culture to nanomolar levels of Hg2+ has been shown to produce three of the widely accepted pathological diagnostic hallmarks of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). These AD hallmarks are elevated amyloid protein, hyper-phosphorylation of Tau, and formation of neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs). Limiting exposure to any source of mercury is highly recommended. [...]