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03-2018 Denver, CO

Friday/ Saturday Symposium Speakers

  • Robert Rowen, MD – Ozone Therapy as a Primary and Adjunctive Therapy for Infection
  • Edward Calabrese, PhD – Hormesis: How it can Improve Public Health and Medicine
  • Thomas Seyfried, PhD – Cancer as a Mitochondrial Disease: Implications for Novel Therapeutics
  • Michael Aschner, PhD – Mechanisms of Mercury Induced Neurodegeneration and Genetic Susceptibility
  • Boyd Haley, PhD, MIAOMT – Disease Related Oxidative Stress: Induction, Consequences and Potential Treatment
  • Chris Shade, PhD – Advanced Use of Toxin Binders and Cholegogues in Detoxification Protocols
  • Michael Gelb, DDS, MS – Airway Centered Dentistry
  • Howard Hu, MD, MPH, Sc.D – Current Research on Fluoride, Neurodevelopment and other Developmental Outcomes: The Early Life Exposures in Mexico to Environmental Toxicants (ELEMENT) Birth Cohort Study
  • Robert Rountree, MD – Total Toxic Load and its Impact on Health

Breakout Speakers

  • Robert Rowen, MD – The Relationship of Teeth to Medical Issues
  • Janet Stopka, DDS, MIAOMT – Enzymes and Therapy
  • Shelby Kahl, RDH (STAFF BREAKOUT) – F. Nucleatum and the Human Microbiome
  • Edward Calabrese, PhD – The Linear Dose Response for Cancer Risk Assessment: New Findings Challenge its Scientific Foundations and Use by Regulatory and Public Health Agencies
  • Gerry Curatola, DDS and Daniel Pompa, PSc.D – True Cellular Detox: A Unique, Safe and Effective Way to Detoxify at the Cellular Level
  • Shelby Kahl, RDH (STAFF BREAKOUT) – Biofilm Manipulation: Clinical Strategy
  • Judson Wall, DDS, AIAOMT – Shocking Diseases of the Bone!
  • Kindal Robertson, DDS, AIAOMT – Show Me the Science: Writing Scientific Reviews for the IAOMT
  • Frances Horning, RDH (STAFF BREAKOUT) – Relieving Dental Anxiety Naturally
  • Speaker Forum/s

09-2017 Las Vegas, NV

Friday/ Saturday Symposium Speakers

  • Jeffrey Hindin, DDS  “Physiological Dentistry: Autonomics, TMJ, Sleep, Pain and Heart Rate Variability”
  • Barrie Tan, PhD  “Vitamin E: Setting the Record Straight”
  • Xiaozhong (John) Yu, MD, PhD  “Dental Filling Toxicity Fear: A Myth or Actuality – New Insights from Big NHANES Data Analysis”
  • Stephen LaVoie, PhD (proxy) for Anne Summers, PhD  “Inorganic and Organic Hg Damage Proteins Differently and Cells Respond Differently as they Recover from these Two Toxicants”
  • Boyd Haley, PhD, MIAOMT  “A Single Scientist’s View of the Problems Associated with Heavy Metal Toxicity”
  • Jerry Tennant, MD  “Healing is Voltage: The Physics of Emotions”
  • Frank Shallenberger, MD  “Melatonin in Medicine and Dentistry”
  • Jorge Flechas, MD, MPH  “PQQ: A New Molecule to Lower Mercury and its other Health Benefits”
  • Mary Ellen Chalmers, DMD, AIAOMT  “Functional Medicine and Dentistry”
  • Stuart Nunnally, DDS, FIAOMT  “The Diagnosis and Successful Treatment of Jawbone Osteonecrosis”
  • Sherry Regiani, SHRM-CP, CHPSE, IAPP  “(staff breakout) Putting it All Together: Part 1 – Rules and Regs and Protecting Your Practice”
  • Ali Farahani, DDS, AIAOMT  “Physiological Bite Reconstruction for the Biological Dental Practice”
  • Shelby Kahl, RDH  “(staff breakout) P. Gingivalis and the Human Microbiome”
  • Sherry Regiani, SHRM-CP, CHPSE, IAPP  “(staff breakout) Putting it All Together: Part 2 – Applying the Knowledge Learned to your Unique Office”
  • Lori Miller-Stevens, DDS, AIAOMT  “Life or Death – It’s All About Breathing”
  • Phil Sukel, DDS, MIAOMT  “Traumatic Cancer of the Tongue”
  • Jean Nordin-Evans, DDS  “Understanding the Multi-Dimensional: Physical, Emotional, Energetic, and Spiritual Levels of Dentistry and How They Can Enhance our Lives and Clinical Practice”
  • Speaker Forum/s

03-2017 Savannah, GA

Friday/Saturday Symposium Speakers:

  • Joseph Hickey, MD “Environmental Toxins and their Relationship to Cardiovascular Disease,Dementia, Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Fibromyalgia”
  • Michael Gerber, MD “Removing Metabolic and Environmental Toxins”
  • David Quig, PhD “Intestinal Barriers- Regulation and Clinical Implications of Breaches in the Host’s Multilayered Defense System”
  • Ken Southward, DDS “Systemic Theory of Causation of Dental Decay and the Role of Vitamin K2”
  • Thomas Levy, MD, JD “Apical Peridontosis, Heart Attacks, and Chronic disease – The Hidden Epidemic”
  • David Minkoff, MD “Occult Dental Pathology as a Cause of Systemic Illness”
  • Boyd Haley, PhD “An Evaluation of Heavy Metal Chelation by Various Commercially Available Compound”
  • David Brownstein, MD “Iodine: The Universal Anti-Cancer Agent”
  • Anju Usman, MD “Addressing SiBO/Biofilms in Patients with Chronic Illnesses and Autism”

Breakout Speakers:

  • Jessica Tran, ND, Darin Ingels, ND, and James Willoughby, DO “Overview of Immunotherapy: Food and Inhalants”
  • Ellie Campbell, DO “Emerging Evidence for Oral Health in CVD Prevention”
  • Felix Liao, DDS “Airway Diagnosis in Functional Medicine and Biological Dentistry”
  • Michael Gossweiler, DDS “The Autoimmune Aspects of Periodontal Disease”
  • Jessica Tran, ND, Darin Ingels, ND, and James Willoughby, DO “Overview of Immunotherapy: Metals and Molds”
  • Charles Adams, MD “IASIS Neuro Feedback/IASIS Micro-Neural Stimulation”
  • Valerie Kanter, DMD, MS “Regenerative Endodontics: The Fountain of Youth for a Dying Tooth”
  • Walter “Jess” Clifford, MS “Video Micrography of the Effects of Implantable Components on Viable Cells”
  • Jessica Tran, ND, Darin Ingels, ND, and James Willoughby, DO “Overview of Immunotherapy: Hormones and Neurotransmitters”
  • Alexander Mostovoy, HD, DHMS “Thermography: Effective Early Detection of Oral Pathology”
  • John Parks Trowbridge, MD “Myths and Truths about Detoxification of Mercury in Tissues”
  • Phil Mollica, MS, DMD “Novel Treatment for Osteonecrosis and Associated Infection of the Jaw”
  • Speaker Forum/s

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Extra Videos, a random assortment:

How to Correctly use a Water Pik for home use in Periodontal Health By: Paul Rubin, DDS, MIAOMT

I produced a short instructional video primarily for my own patients’ use, but I’d like to share it with any Academy members who may be interested in using it in their practice. It focuses on instructions on how and why to correctly use a Water Pik for home use in periodontal health. If other offices are like ours, when we want our perio patients to use a WaterPik at home, it’s very time consuming to teach them the correct method. Even then, often they don’t really get it, and come back after using it ineffectively. A video on You Tube is something you can show in the office and/or give them the link to watch at home. You can encourage them to re-watch it over time if their technique “slips.” Although the video features the Water Pik, it does mention that other devices also work well such as Via Jet and HydroFloss. It just needs the right tip used and the right technique (rather different from any instructions in the box).

Dental Mercury’s Toxic Journey Into The Environment
The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), presented this animation while at the International Negotiating Committee (INC5) meeting being held in Geneva by the United Nations Environmental Programme. The INC5 is writing a Globally Binding  Treaty that will eliminate the use and trade of mercury and mercury containing products. Dental Mercury accounts for 10% of the annual global emissions (340 tons) and therefore is considered a significant contributor. The IAOMT’s group of experts represented the consensus that mercury amalgam is a risk to the environment, dental workers and the general public, and whose use should be discontinued as there are many suitable alternatives available.


“Dental Mercury’s Toxic Journey Into The Environment” was narrated by Robert Lamarck and produced as a collaborative effort between The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, the website Mercury Exposure and the film Evidence of Harm formally known as You Put What In My Mouth? a documentary about the devastating effects of dental mercury on patients, staff and the environment.

The Geiers - An Update on the Science of Dental Amalgams and Future Directions

David and Dr. Mark Geier overview potential harm from mercury amalgam fillings IAOMT Minnesota 2012. The presentation includes the results from recent (2011/12) reviews of data from the Casa Pia Portugal Children’s Trial originally done by Woods et. al.

Download Slides (7.5mb).

Historic Minamata Treaty

Please click here and go to YouTube and view playlist for more Minamata videos.

IAOMT UNEP Participation
International Academy Of Oral Medicine And Toxicology
IAOMT 30th Anniversary Video- Celebrated in Austin, TX September 12-13, 2014

9-19-2013- Dr Griffin Cole's Presidential Skit- Presented at the annual conference in Las Vegas!

9/12/2013- Griffin Cole, IAOMT President, discusses the success of the Academy over the last year