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IAOMT History

In 1984, eleven dentists, a doctor and a lawyer were discussing a seminar they had just attended on the dangers of mercury from dental amalgam fillings. They agreed that the subject was alarming. They also agreed that the seminar, though long on fireworks, was short on science, and if there really was a problem with dental mercury, the evidence ought to be in the scientific literature.

IAOMT History, Founders 1984, dentists

1984 was an important year in IAOMT history because it was the year these founders started our group!


Left to Right:

  • Robert Lee, DDS (Deceased),
  • Terry Taylor, DDS,
  • Joe Carroll, DDS (Deceased),
  • David Regiani, DDS,
  • Harold Utt, DDS (Deceased),
  • Bill Doyle, DO,
  • Aaron Rynd, Esq,
  • Mike Pawk, DDS,
  • Jerry Timm, DDS,
  • Don Barber, DDS (Deceased),
  • Mike Ziff, DDS, (Deceased),
  • Ron Dressler, DDS,
  • Murry Vimy, DDS

Fast forward through IAOMT history to now: Three decades later, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has grown to over 800 active members in North America, with affiliated chapters in fourteen other countries.

The years have been very fruitful, as the Academy and its members have chronicled and promoted the research that has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that dental amalgam is a source of significant mercury exposure and a hazard to health.


The IAOMT has taken the lead in educating dentists and allied professionals in risks of mercury fillings, safe mercury amalgam removal, and mercury hygiene. It has also led the way in developing more biocompatible approaches in other areas of dentistry, including fluoride, endodontics, periodontics, and disease prevention. All this while maintaining the motto, “Show me the science!”


Click below to watch a short video about the history of The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) – a science based, biological dental organization.

Click to watch a video about the history of The IAOMT - a science based, biological dental organization.