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SMART Equipment

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) Equipment List

As of November 2018
PDF of SMART Equipment


The following list contains purchase information for the equipment needed to successfully perform IAOMT’s Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART). Please note that new research and updated testing for these pieces of equipment are continually being produced, as the science of safe mercury amalgam removal progresses. Likewise, new products for amalgam removal are continually being developed. We will update this list to the best of our ability as pertinent information becomes available. Please also note that dentists often establish personal preferences for specific products based on their needs and experiences.

Finally, note that at no time is the IAOMT making any representation or warranty regarding any of these products or services, nor will the IAOMT be liable for the sponsor’s products or services.

1. Office/Operatory Filtration Set Up

A. DentAirVac
Mercury Vacuum – Safe Amalgam Removal with a Mercury Filling Vapor Vacuum, Kreativ Aerosol Vacuum Parts

B. Foust Series 400 Dental Mercury Vapor Air Purifier 
For more information about this device, TBA

C. IQAir Dental Hg Flex Vac
IQ Air Dental Series (be sure to select the “Dental Hg Flex Vac” from the results on the page)
For published research about this device, read this link:

2. Patient Protection

A. Activated Charcoal, Example:

B. Clean Chlorella, Example:
Clean Chlorella Powder (1300g #10can)

C. Non-Latex Rubber Dam, Example:
Coltène/Whaledent-Dental Dam, Hygenic®_Dental_Dam_non_latex 

D. Dam sealer, Example:
OpalDam and OpalDam Green: Light-Cured Resin Barrier | Ultradent OpalDam® and OpalDam® Green

E. Complete Facial Cover, Examples:
Tyvek® Hood S-14615 – Uline (can be used for a facial cover – least permeable material tested)

F. Neck Wrap, Example:

G. Oxygen/Air Nasal Mask
IAOMT Store:

H. Patient Cape, Examples:

Can also be constructed from a roll:
Authorized Tyvek Master Distributor/Supplier, Paper Converting Services, CAD Supplies | Material Concepts

I. Oxygen Tanks and Regulators, Example:

J. Clean-Up
IAOMT Store; 

3. Dentist/Staff Protection

A. Respiratory Masks
IAOMT Store:

B. Positive Pressure Oxygen Mask, Examples:
ThinkSafe Adult Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask with 7′ Tubing 10 Pack
ThinkSafe Adult Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask with 7′ Tubing Single

C. Mercury Vapour Proof Mask, Examples:
It is recommended to wear a face shield when using these masks.
IAOMT Store:

D. Full Length Gowns, Examples:
Tyvek® Deluxe Coverall S-13895 – Uline
Disposable Denline Uniforms Lab Coats: Style DL3760

E. Hair Net, Examples:
Valutek Apparel – Cleanroom Bouffant Cap – Non-Linting, non-woven polypropylene – blue or white
Henry Schein Bouffant Cap: Item # 102-4151 (Box of 100, white, polypropylene)

F. Face Shield, Examples:
Crosstex: Personal Barriers: Face Protection: Shields

F. Non-Latex, Nitrile Gloves
Available from many sources.

4. Environmental Considerations

A. Amalgam Separator
It is highly recommended that you research amalgam separators for their efficiency. When researching amalgam separators, remember that there are different ways of reporting efficiency. One valuable resource is the IAOMT SR entitled “Best Management Practices for Mercury and Mercury Amalgam Separation from Dental Office Waste Water” which you can find in the PDF file containing the supplementary sources of the “Safe Amalgam Removal” unit. Another resource is the State of New Jersey’s Amalgam Separator Recycling Page at

Air Techniques, Inc.
Capsule Technologies, Inc.
Dental Recycling North America
M.A.R.S. Bio-Med Processes, Inc.
Pure Water Development, LLC
R&D Services, Inc.
Rebec Solutions

B. Waste and Cleaning
Dentists must comply with federal, state, and local regulations addressing the proper handling, cleaning, and/or disposal of mercury-contaminated components, clothing, equipment, surfaces of the room, and flooring in the dental office.

Contaminated surfaces should be wiped using HgX® (Mercury Decontaminant) from Acton Technologies, Inc. at the end of each day with windows left open to allow fresh air.
During the opening and maintenance of suction traps in operatories or on the main suction unit, dental staff should utilize the appropriate personal protection equipment.

Ultrasonic and autoclave both emit large amounts of vapor, so use a high-volume, at source, oral aerosol/air filtration vacuum system (DentAirVac, Foust Series 400 Dental Mercury Vapor Air Purifier, or IQAir Dental Hg FlexVac) in the area.