iaomt 2019 dental mercury amalgam position paper

IAOMT Position Paper Against Dental Mercury Amalgam

IAOMT Position Paper Against Dental Mercury Amalgam. This 2019 update of the IAOMT’s position statement against dental mercury amalgam fillings (which was originally released in 2013), includes an extensive bibliography on the subject in the form of over 1,000 citations.


Against the use of Fluoride

IAOMT Position Paper Against the use of Fluoride In IAOMT’s ongoing examination of the toxicological data on fluoride, the Academy has made several preliminary determinations over the last 18 years, each concluding that fluoride added to the public water supply, or prescribed as controlled-dose supplements, delivers no discernible health benefit, and causes a higher incidence […]


SAB Position Paper on Amalgam

IAOMT Scientific Advisory Board Position Paper on Amalgam The Scientific Advisory Board of the IAOMT is composed of world class professors of toxicology, pharmacology, biochemistry and medicine. In 2009, they concluded that dental amalgam is not suitable for use in the human mouth.

woman in pain because of Osteonecrosis

Jawbone Osteonecrosis

IAOMT Position Paper on Jawbone Osteonecrosis The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) is founded upon the belief that “Science” should be the basis upon which all diagnostic and treatment modalities be based. In following that philosophy, this 2014 position paper was written utilizing the available information found in textbooks, research papers, and […]