Alka-White Mouthwash

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Alka-white mouthwash is the only portable effervescent pH balancing mouthwash. In combination with an alkaline lifestyle, the product re-mineralizes,teeth, freshens breath, and balances oral pH. It is also a natural teeth whitener. Available in Mint or Turmeric flavor. One month supply is $16.99. Created by a Holistic Dentist. Affiliate programs at

Clifford Consulting and Research Inc.

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The Clifford Materials Reactivity Test (CMRT) is a laboratory screening process used to help identify existing sensitivity problems in an individual patient to various chemical groups and families of compounds used in dental materials.

CMRT offers the clinician a measure of guidance in determining the treatment plan, and patients a measure of assurance as to the safety and performance of bio-materials. CCRLab is a long time supporter of the IAOMT.


Curasan, Inc

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There are many factors to consider when choosing biomaterials to use for dental applications, but the biocompatible osteobiologics from curasan offer the dental professional several options for natural bone and tissue regeneration–with products that contain no animal or human tissue.   Our biomimetic products work with the body for a natural healing response.

Products for Natural Bone and Tissue Regeneration

Cerasorb® M is an osteobiologic β-TCP bone graft. The manufacturing process guarantees the highest purity (>99%) and absence of microbes and pyrogens. Cerasorb M provides a full range of Micro-Meso-Macro pores for interconnected porosity. The unique β-TCP particles interlock for stability and provide an optimal microenvironment for cellular activity leading to bone remodeling on a physiologic timeline. Available in a variety of granule sizes to tailor the resorption profile to meet patient needs and indication.

Osbone® Hydroxyapatite is a next-generation bone graft, that has been scientifically designed to provide a highly stable implant bed and volume stabilization, making it ideal for procedures that require increased mechanical stability. With a high porosity surface structure enabling rapid boney growth, Osbone provides flexibility for immediate or delayed implant placement.

Epi-Guide® is a barrier matrix with high tech 3-layer polymer construction. It resorbs completely, eliminating the need for second surgeries. It provides predictable healing and regenerates tissue despite flap recession, or if primary closure is not achieved.




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Chairside Amalgam Separator

The Simple One®

We are committed to delivering the highest quality amalgam separator at the most affordable cost to the dental industry.

The Simple One® chairside amalgam separator saves dentists money! Our amalgam separation process is the easiest in the industry, therefore saving time and money on filter and labor costs throughout the maintenance and recycling process.

100% self-contained separator

Quick, chairside installation, easy to maintain

Quick and hygienic replacement – no more cleaning filters

Connects right into your existing suction system

Eliminates the buildup of hazardous mercury in the suction lines from the chairs to the central suction system

ISO certified 11143:2008

Compliant in all 50 States

Recycling service available

Being Used Worldwide

Not Required on Hygienist Chairs


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DentAir Vac

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DentAirVac, the originator of “AT SOURCE” dental aerosol vacuums has sold thousands of units worldwide.

Systems are designed to capture lightweight aerosols escaping the oral cavity, redirecting this airborne particulate into a 3″ diameter hose and filtering it through four filters including HEPA and activated carbon for mercury vapor removal.



Dental Herb Company


Dental Herb Company® has been Improving Oral Health Naturally since 1996.Dental Herb Co

Our professional strength antimicrobial products have proven efficacy in re