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The most critical benefit of membership in the IAOMT is the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the future of dentistry and the dental-medical partnership by bringing the power of the biocompatible ideal to our professional practices.

Search Listing

Our Searchable Online Directory of IAOMT Dentists/Physicians is accessed up to 30,000 times per month.

Practice Promotion

The IAOMT uses press releases, social media, and professional alliances to promote the work of our membership.

Research Assistance

Review and discuss research articles with other professionals and obtain assistance in conducting your own research.

Professional Resources

Utilize IAOMT’s support and materials (including a slideshow library, scripts for lectures, lists of references, and more) for your presentations.


Mentoring in all aspects of biological dentistry and related medicine by experienced IAOMT members.


Enjoy a subscription to our monthly eNewsletter.

Legal Counsel

A free consultation with IAOMT’s legal counsel if you have issues affecting your  practice.

Reduced Tuition

Reduced tuition for the bi-annual national conferences. Click here to learn more about IAOMT meetings.


Opportunities for SMART Certification, Accreditation, Fellowship and Mastership.  Click here to learn more about IAOMT Certifications.

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