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The most critical benefit of membership in the IAOMT is the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the future of dentistry and the dental-medical partnership by bringing the power of the biocompatible ideal to our professional practices.

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Search Listing

Make it easy for new patients to find you via our Searchable Online Directory of IAOMT Members.

Website Page

Search listing includes a full page in our site for you to market your dental practice.

Discussion Forums

Join discussions on clinical topics, practice management, marketing, and more.

Members Only

Access to: Discussion forums, key scientific articles, access to latest research, etc.

Professional Resources

Utilize IAOMT’s support and materials (including a slideshow library, scripts for lectures, lists of references, and more) for your presentations.


Mentoring in all aspects of biological dentistry and related medicine by experienced IAOMT members.


Enjoy a subscription to our monthly eNewsletter.

Legal Counsel

A free consultation with IAOMT’s legal counsel if you have issues affecting your  practice.

Reduced Tuition

Reduced tuition for the bi-annual national conferences.


Opportunities for SMART Certification, Accreditation, Fellowship and Mastership.

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