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Organizing your efforts to end to the use of dental mercury is an important step in making a difference in your community and the world at large. Aside from conducting your own research about the issue and making your own plans to help protect others from the harms of dental mercury, there are a variety of other resources that can assist you in formulating actions to prevent mercury fillings from poisoning people and the environment.

Join Forces

Join forces with groups who are committed to stopping the use of dental mercury and utilize the materials they have to offer.

A number of international, national, and regionalized non-profit organizations are seeking consumers like you to participate in their work. Learn more about these groups, take time to read the resources they have collected for you, and most importantly, enlist yourself to help them in their shared goal of putting an end to mercury fillings. For example, these groups often organize campaigns to petition lawmakers to pass anti-mercury legislation, to protest injustices related to public and environmental health as a result of dental mercury, and to coordinate consumer participation in government meetings and discussions about the issue. Your participation in these groups is essential, and your ideas, input, and insight are needed and welcomed:

Groups to Consider Joining
Additional Groups With Resources to Assist You

Track Legislation

Use the internet, your local news sources, your dentist, and government announcements to track pending mercury legislation that impacts your area, and sign up to speak at meetings about these laws and regulations.

As noted previously, a number of the groups listed above also monitor major decisions being made about dental mercury, and these groups can guide you as to where and when your involvement would be most helpful. For instance, local  governments have passed measures related to curbing the use of dental mercury and/or its waste, including notable examples California, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Consumer demand for such changes has proven to play a major role in these decisions, so your ability to check on and participate in these events is very important.

For national regulations related to mercury, public comment is often allowable. Use the following link to search for “mercury” and then select Comment Period Open: www.regulations.gov