IAOMT dental mercury amalgam position paper

This 2019 update of the IAOMT’s position statement against dental mercury amalgam fillings (which was originally released in 2013), includes an extensive bibliography on the subject in the form of over 1,000 citations.  Click to view the full document: IAOMT 2019 Position Statement



Position Statement Objectives:

1)    To end the use of dental mercury amalgam fillings.  Many other mercurial medical devices and mercury-containing substances have been removed from use, including mercurial wound disinfectants, mercurial diuretics, mercury thermometers, and mercurial veterinary substances.  In this era when the public is advised to be concerned about mercury exposure through fish consumption, dental mercury amalgam fillings should also be eliminated, especially because they are the predominant source of non-industrial mercury exposure in the general population.

2)    To assist medical professionals and patients as a whole in understanding the scope of mercury in dental mercury amalgam fillings.  The risk of illness or injury associated with the use of dental mercury presents an unreasonable, direct, and substantial danger to the health of dental patients, dental personnel, and the fetuses and children of dental patients and dental personnel.

3)    To establish the health benefits of mercury-free, mercury-safe, and biological dentistry.

4)    To educate dental and medical professionals, dental students, patients, and policy makers about safe removal of dental mercury amalgam fillings while raising the standards of scientific biocompatibility in dental practice.