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Longevity of Posterior Composite Restorations

This authors of this 2014 research article conducted a search resulting in 12 longitudinal studies of direct posterior resin composite restorations with at least 5 years’ follow-up. They explain, “on average, posterior resin composite restorations show a good survival, with annual failure rates of 1.8% at 5 years and 2.4% after 10 years of service.” [...]

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24-month Evaluation of Amalgam and Resin-Based Composite Restorations

This authors of this 2014 research article analyzed data from the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network to identify predictors of early failures of amalgam and resin-based composite (RBC) restorations. The authors explain, “The early failure rate of direct restorations in this study was 6.6% after an average follow-up of 24 months. There was no evident [...]

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Bisphenol-A in Dental Composites

There is considerable concern among scientists and the public about the hormone-mimicking properties of many chemical components of plastics, including those found in dental composites. The commonly used Bis-GMA resin uses one of the most controversial of these, Bisphenol-A (BPA). Responsible composite manufacturers claim that there is no unreacted BPA in dental resins, and that [...]

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Composites – Risk Assessment 1996

ASSESSMENT OF EXPOSURE AND RISKS FROM COMPONENTS AND DEGRADATION PRODUCTS OF COMPOSITE RESIN DENTAL MATERIALS G. Mark Richardson   This 1996 analysis, made prior to the emergence of endocrine disruption as a consequence of very low level exposures, concludes:   Based on the foregoing analysis, it was concluded that composite resin dental restorations containing silica [...]

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Composites and Bisphenol A

In addition to the articles catalogued here, the IAOMT has other materials about composites and bisphenol A. Additional Articles on Composites/Bisphenol A

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