55659825_lStudents deserve to learn dentistry as it is and will become…

Dental and medical students are welcome in the IAOMT, where they will find older colleagues who have been at the forefront of progressive, mercury-safe, biological dentistry and medicine for many years. They’ll find mentoring in the principles and practices that acknowledge that the mouth and teeth are intimately part of the body and critical to general health.

Student members get free admission to one IAOMT meeting, including the Fundamentals of Biological Dentistry course.

Enjoy all the benefits of membership except for the online directory for patient referrals. Once you graduate and become a standard IAOMT member, you can create a public listing and be added to the directory.

Note also that the IAOMT offers a Student Scholarship Program for IAOMT Conference Attendance to bring interested students to one of our meetings, where they can acquire newfound knowledge about biological dentistry.

Membership extends through the first year after graduation for the reduced rate of $20 per year.

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