Mercury is a powerful poison. Anyone who has mercury amalgam (silver) fillings is being poisoned by them every day. Most patients aren’t aware of this fact or may be skeptical. Dr. Tom McGuire’s video demonstration proves that more mercury vapor is released from brushing a single mercury amalgam filling than is allowed by governmental regulatory agencies at the workplace.

This 6-minute, continuous-loop video DVD supports your Mercury Safe Practice. Playing it for patients in your office is the most objective and effective way to educate them about the health hazards of mercury released from amalgam fillings. Utilizing it for this purpose saves you and your staff valuable time.

The video uses charts and other visuals to explain the toxicity of mercury and clearly demonstrates the amounts of mercury vapor released via various forms of amalgam stimulation by the patient-and at the dental office. It also lists numerous symptoms related to chronic mercury poisoning.

Dr. Tom McGuire is solely responsible for its content.