Mendez Llamas,Jose Alejandro, DDS

Mendez Llamas,Jose Alejandro, DDS
Cantera #462
secc. Terrazas de Mendoza
Playas de Tijuana
Biocompatibility Testing, Ceramic Implants, Digital X-rays, Full/Partial Dentures, Nutritional/Detox Counseling, Oral Surgery, Oxygen/Ozone, Periodontal Therapy

At Odontomedik we provide a definitive solution to your oral health and cosmetic dentistry problems. Our speciality is biological dentistry. We aim the most comprehensive dental treatment for each of our patients to make sure that their dental health will be in symbiosis with the rest of the body, we concern about dental materials some of the dental materials that “looks safe” has BPA and Metals that is why in Odontomedik we care about these materials and we only offer materials less reactive and toxic to your body free of BPA and Metal. This is one of the reason that many Medical clinics in Tijuana send us their patients with degenerative diseases we are constantly updating his knowledge in holistic dentistry by attending to courses and seminars in Mexico, but mainly in United States.

We are trained in Protocol Huggins and Blanche Grube and IAOMT, These organization support our work and are our best introduction card.

Besides our main team, we work simultaneously with our medical and administrative team, Dr. Alejandra Calderon is an internist doctor specialized in hematology and stem cells which counts with her own team of nurse and biochemist, we count with our own driver, an specialized staff in charge of the hygiene of the clinic and our administrator.

For the comfort of our patient, we have a room where our patients can relax and have a lymphatic massage, accupresure and watch some our educational videos or just watch some old good TV. We count also with a specialized room for chelation therapy with all the equipment that you will find in any other hospital room. In our upper floor we have our laboratory where all the chelation are made and also the plasma rich in growth factors for our treatments.

Our team will do everything we can to make sure that your experience in Tijuana will be memorable. We will be with you every step of the process to insure that your expectations are met.

Please contact us if you have any questions about biological dental treatment, the Huggins protocol, our prices or to get an estimate for your dental needs.

It will be our pleasure to assist you, We hope to meet you soon.

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