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Please be advised that the SMART certification program started on July 1, 2016, and therefore, the number of SMART certified dentists will be limited in the beginning stages of this program.

If your search by state shows  “no results,” there are currently no SMART Certified dentists in your area. If your country is not listed, there are currently no SMART Certified dentists in the country you selected.  Consider broadening your search to a wider region or to include all members of the IAOMT by selecting a “Full Search” of our Directory, which also lists Accredited, Fellow, Master, and General Members.

Dentists in Costa Rica, however willing and eager, have no viable options for using amalgam separators at the present time. Consequently, the IAOMT and the SMART program are granting a temporary exception to the amalgam separator requirement of the SMART protocol for dentists in Costa Rica who have fulfilled all other requirements of the SMART certification processed. It is hoped that a solution to this dilemma can be arrived at in the near future.

Disclaimer: The IAOMT makes no representation as to the quality or scope of a member’s medical or dental practice, or as to how closely the member adheres to the principles and practices taught by the IAOMT.  A patient must use their own best judgment after careful discussion with their health care practitioner about the care that will be provided.  I understand that this directory may not be used as a resource for verifying the licensure or credentials of a healthcare provider.  The IAOMT makes no attempt to verify the licensure or credentials of its members.