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Course outline and registration form

June 12-14 at Smile Ranch Dentistry, 6700 Horizon Road, Heath, Texas 75032. Class will be held Friday 12-6, Saturday 9-6, Sunday 9-12. The fee is $1,000. I will have the test kits (one recommended per office) available for a nominal fee. I will forward the book prior to the course to those who register (as soon as I receive it from Dr. McClure). Dr. McClure will offer the second part of the training 5-6 months later, which will be discussed at training #1.

I recommend staying at The Hilton Bella Harbor, 2055 Summer Lee Dr, Rockwall, TX 75032

(214) 771-3700. The Hilton is approximately 3 miles from my office. DFW Airport and Lovefield are both approximately 40 miles to the Hilton.

Attendees will receive CEs through American College of Integrative Medicine and dentistry. Please bring your main assistant (at no additional charge) so that they can act as a surrogate.


American College of Integrative Medical Dentistry: Presents
Implementing Applied Neurobiology for Dentists
An intensive and practical learning course to teach proficiency for dentists in an Applied Neurobiology practice, which includes Neural Therapy, Autonomic Response Testing (ART), Allergy Elimination Therapeutics and Detoxification Therapeutics (heavy metal, toxic chemicals, chronic infection and their neurotoxins).

Purpose – Part I: Applied Neurobiology is the assessment and treatment of the Autonomic Nervous system, the functional nervous system. Integrative Medical Dentistry relies on functional assessments to help determine functional root causes to disease and dysfunction. The dentist is an important team member in almost every holistic patient’s recovery or healthy maintenance. There is a growing awareness of these biofeedback skills with more and more patients seeking professional with biofeedback skills to guide the in their health assessments. Having the practical biofeedback tools taught in this course will greatly aid the dentist in:
A) Determining biological dental issues for toxic metals, cavitations, toxic teeth and CMD; giving biofeedback tools to pre-test treatment strategies.
B) Determining ANS relationships between these dental issues and health problems in other organs and structures
C) Strategies to assess and treat allergic and toxic patients for detox and dental materials

Attending dentists (and their assistants) will learn and have ample practical experience with some of the tools needed to be a practicing dentist using these techniques in their practice on a routine basis. At the end of this weekend, the dentist (and staff) can apply on Monday morning Autonomic Response Testing, Allergy Elimination Therapeutics, start an intelligent Heavy Metal Detox program (for themselves, families and patients), have a functional tool to determine other dys-regulators of the ANS: noxious energies, toxic chemicals, chronic infections, allergies – food, environmental, autoimmune…, psycho-emotional issues, toxic foci: like scars, root canal teeth, cavitations, CMD that is a serious dys-regulator, and other needed biochemical foods, supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, drainage remedies and other remedy strategies.

Required is an introductory course in ANB from ACIMD.
Supplied is an initial test kit: primary food allergens: wheat, milk, corn, rice, soy, eggs: heavy metal detox supplements – DMPS, chlorella, and toxic chemicals.
Suggested equipment: ART and AET and able to be pre-purchased
• Klinghardt Academy: heavy metal test kit, colored glasses
• Testing vials: Regulation Kit, Allergens
• Testing kits for: heavy metal detox

Summary: Note: These courses are designed to help the dentist and staff to be healthier and to have tools to apply to one’s family ad then extend to their patients. Clinical learning of techniques, clinical forms to guide practice, patient education materials and marketing strategies are included to be ready to apply lessons learned on Monday. This is a transformational course. Bringing your TEAM or key personnel is encouraged to develop their surrogate, concepts and aid in implementation into your practice.

Course objectives for Applied Neurobiology for Dentists, Part I:
• Proficiency in ART I: Dental applications
• Proficiency in AET techniques
• Heavy Metal Detox principles and their application: in depth application of the products and principles of Phase II (the extracellular matrix).
• Neural Therapy techniques for Dentists: using needles and non-needle techniques
o Superficial Neural Therapy: Quaddles, scar injections, acupuncture injections

Applied Neurobiology for Dentists, Part II:
This course is to follow 2-3 months (after time to practice) for those colleagues who wish to master the above techniques and become proficient in more advanced ART and treatment of the ANS including detox.
• Proficiency in ART II – using the signal enhancer, pol filter and the biophotonic field to determine remedies through Yin and Yang testing.
• Review ART I and AET practice and overcoming problems
• Heavy metal detox principles and practice Phase III and IV (the brain, extracellular spaces that are less accessible, and intracellular).
• Neural Therapy Techniques for Dentists: using needles and non-needle techniques
o Deep Neural Therapy: head and neck ganglia: ciliary, sphenopalatine, otic, submandibular, vagal, superior cervical ganglia and stellate, prolotherapy into joints (using ozone and other traditional NT remedies, TPI into muscles and structures)
• Assess and treat other strategies that effect the ANS
o Chronic infections: Mold, Lyme, the co-infections, Herpes
o Noxious energies: EMF, Geopathic stress, and radio waves
o Bowel issues
o Mineral and KPU
o Neural therapy: review and mastering techniques, with and without needles
o Detox strategies: protocols with IV, IM, suppositories
• Discussion of marketing and practice administration issues in implementing neurobiological principles in a biological dental office


Course times:
Friday: 12 PM – 6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 12 PM

Certification available (American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry) upon successful completion of:
ART Level I
Neural Therapy Level I

Notes and materials strongly advised to have prior to the course weekend.
Introduction to the principles and practice of muscle testing, Regulation testing, acute focus and Therapy Localization.
Practice in Teams: Doctor and their “surrogate assistant” and other Doctor teams

ART, NT, AET and Heavy Metal detox intensive weekend course outline
I. Introduction
II. ART Part I
a. Intro, patient education materials
i. Lecture notes
ii. Practical with participants: muscle testing proficiency
iii. ART: certification test: ART intro
b. Regulation
i. Lecture notes
ii. Practical demo: regulation test and acute focus
iii. ART written test: regulation materials
iv. ART practical proficiency: Regulation test
c. Acute focus
i. Lecture notes
ii. Practical demo: Regulation, Acute focus, Interference Fields, Therapy Localization
iii. ART written test: Acute focus
iv. ART practical proficiency: Acute focus
III. Superficial Neural Therapy: lecture, needles and non-needles, bee venom
a. Lecture notes
b. Practical demo: acute focus: scars, RCT, NICO organs
c. NT written test
d. ART practical proficiency: scars, RCT, NICO
IV. Allergy Elimination Therapeutics
a. Lecture notes
b. Practical demo
c. AET written test
d. AET practical proficiency: 1 student
V. ART continue: therapy localize, principles
a. Lecture notes
b. Practical Demo: full ART: regulation AF (scars, oral issues), TL all organs, dental issues, AET issues, Tx strategies
c. ART written test
d. ART practical proficiency: Full ART, regulation, acute focus, TL organs, oral structures, remedies
VI. Heavy metal detox: neurotoxins, principles, Phase II therapeutic strategies
a. Lecture notes
b. Practical demo: ART – primary organ – therapeutic strategies
c. ART practical proficiency
VII. AET review
a. AET practical proficiency: other student
VIII. Neural Therapy, heavy metal detox using superficial NT techniques: quaddles, scar injections, inter-osseous jaw injections using HM detox agents (if possible)
a. Heavy metal review and questions
b. Practical Demo
c. Written test on NT, HM detox
d. NT, ART practical proficiency
e. Questions, Monday morning implementation
f. Certifications: ART, AET, Neural Therapy I

Registration Form

Registration Now Open for IABDM 2015 Meeting in Nashville




 Nashville, Here We Come!


We have an incredible line-up of speakers confirmed for this year’s meeting, “Biological Basics: Whole Mouth, Whole Health, Whole Team.” They include Sally Fallon Morell of the Weston A. Price Foundation; Dr. Dave Singh, founder of epigenetic orthodontics and creator of the DNA appliance; and Dr. Thomas E. Levy, author of The Toxic Tooth, The Root of Disease and many other titles.

And that’s just half the slate!

What’s more, we’re adding our new Biological Dental Hygiene course, to be held concurrently with Biological Dentistry 101 on the first day of the meeting.

Plus, we’ve got an extra special social event planned for Friday night: dinner and an evening at the Grand Ole Opry! Tickets are VERY limited for this event, so if you want to join us, register now!

Early bird discount!
Vendors will receive a 20% discount on booth fees by registering before April 15; attendees can save as much on their registration fees by registering before August 15.

Download your registration form and info packet now – or view meeting information online.

Hope to see you in Nashville!

Yours in health,
Dr. Dawn Ewing



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