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WYNNEWOOD, PA, March 18, 2015, “You Put What in My Mouth?” is a riveting new documentary that exposes the devastating health effects of dental mercury fillings to patients, dental staff and the global environment. For the first time ever, this film visually demonstrates the hazardous levels of mercury vapors generated during routine dental procedures. Even more worrisome, the peak levels of mercury released are hundreds of times higher than safety limits and contribute to a host of adverse health symptoms that currently plague many of those exposed.

On Sunday, March 22, at 12:15 PM the dental profession and the public are invited to attend the premiere of this groundbreaking and provocative film at the Garden State Film Festival, in the Resorts Casino Hotel, Horizon Room, Atlantic City, NJ. Tickets may be purchased in advance online or at the door. The cost per ticket is $12.00 + $2.50 Service & Sales.

As evidenced in this film, mercury vapors inhaled daily by dental students and dental professionals are a dangerous scenario. Recent Yale University School of Medicine research reveals the link between occupational mercury exposure and neuropsychological, neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory complications experienced by dental professionals. Occupational exposure to mercury vapor has also been found to be a cause of infertility in female dental personnel.

This is extremely troublesome as dental students are not protected from mercury exposure in the operatory nor are they informed of this potential toxic exposure.

This shocking, never before seen footage is the culmination of the journeys of dental personnel and patients alike as they discover that the mercury released from silver amalgam fillings has been responsible for their life-threatening illnesses. Despite the deceptive claims of safety and effectiveness from governmental agencies and the dental industry, “You Put What in My Mouth” scientifically and conclusively unmasks dentistry’s longtime ruse, solidifying the public’s perception that mercury dental fillings are hazardous to the lives of those in the dental profession and their patients.

AND NOW FROM THEIR MOUTHS, hear all perspectives:

Karen Burns, who had been a dental assistant for 30 years, was victimized through her dedication to her profession. Sick for fifteen years due to occupational mercury exposure, Karen laments, “…. every day you wake up feeling like you have the flu, and sick as a dog. Why do we have to suffer when it could have been eradicated long ago?”

By twist of fate, investigative reporter, Stacy Case, found herself the subject of a devastating news story.
“.…I had four amalgams removed and replaced, and days later I could not get out of bed or walk. FDA has done nothing to inform me that these fillings are a health hazard. Please do not ignore the science. The truth is silver amalgam fillings are making us sick! ….please write this wrong. BAN AMALGAMS!”

Matt Young, DDS, past president of the scientific dental organization, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), recalls, “In dental school they did not teach us about protecting the dentist, patient or staff from mercury vapors. . .” The IAOMT has devised a number of strategies for reducing the amount of mercury exposure to both patients and dental staff during amalgam removal.

Ludicrously supported by the American Dental Association and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approximately half of American dentists continue to place these toxic mercury fillings into the mouths of millions, while claiming this unstable and harmful dental device only rarely produces adverse effects. Attorney, Jim Love, a long term advocate for reform, having recently filed a lawsuit against the FDA on behalf of the IAOMT, remarked,“ FDA gets a free pass.”

Dr. Boyd Haley, a chemist and international authority on mercury toxicity asserts, “Mercury should not be placed in a child or anyone else! Our greatest hope is in preventing future generations from suffering personally, socially and economically.”

Randall Moore, the creator of this film, was personally motivated to heighten public awareness about this issue after learning that his father’s daily exposure to toxic mercury vapors from a mouthful of mercury fillings was a contributing factor to his father’s onset of Alzheimer’s disease.