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The IAOMT offers articles on Biological Dentistry which seeks the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the mission of treatment & goals of modern dentistry

Advancing Oral Health in America

This 2011 report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies explores the need for dentistry to be better addressed in health programs. They explain, “Oral health care is often excluded from our thinking about health…This division is reinforced by the fact that dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants are separated from other health [...]

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Basic Toxicology On-Line Course

The National Library of Medicine presents this excellent on-line, college level introductory course in toxicology. URL: http://sis.nlm.nih.gov/enviro/toxtutor.html

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Biological Dentistry

In addition to the articles catalogued here, the IAOMT has other materials about biological dentistry. Additional Biological Dentistry Articles  

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