Welcome UNEP Delegates

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology would like to welcome you to our world of mercury-free dentistry.

While you are grappling with the profound political and technical issues before you, we all realize that the ultimate reason for controlling the worldwide trade in mercury and its products is to safeguard human health. Dentistry, while practicing oral health care, has been responsible for a noticeable percentage of mercury trade, use and abuse. Our Academy feels that it is the responsibility of forward thinking dentists to correct the practices of the past, and help our colleagues in every country in any way we can to practice mercury free and mercury safe.

Our NGO representatives at the conference are ready to make contact with the dentists of your country. Our technical assistance is at their disposal.  Please contact us at the IAOMT  office, <info@iaomt.org> and refer to the contacts you may have made at INC3, 4 and 5. We are interested in knowing the current policies and practices of your country with regard to dental mercury amalgam, the level of familiarity your dentists have with mercury issues, and the obstacles you see in moving your country toward mercury free dentistry.

We are confident you will make all the right decisions to support the advancement of worldwide dentistry away from the old mercury standard, and toward a mercury-free world.

Get Educated

See our Factual Infographics on Dental Mercury’s Journey Back Into the Environment, and Occupational Exposure to Dental Mercury.

Watch our short video detailing the many pathways dental mercury takes on its journey back into the environment.

“Dental Mercury’s Toxic Journey Into The Environment” was narrated by Robert Lamarck and produced as a collaborative effort between The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, the website Mercury Exposure and the film You Put What In My Mouth? a documentary about the devastating effects of dental mercury on patients, staff and the environment.