The Economics of Dental Amalgam Regulation 

Michael D. Fleming, DDS i Janine E. Janosky, PhD ii Synopsis  Objective. This article offers a practical assessment of the cost implications of an outright total ban on amalgam use as well as a partial ban in children, pregnant women and women of childbearing age. In addition, we discuss trends in amalgam use and the [...]

The European Commission 2014 Opinion on Environmental Risks of Dental Amalgam

  Final Opinion on Environmental risks and indirect health effects of mercury from dental amalgam (update 2014) The European Commission and its non-food Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) published the final opinion on Environmental risks and indirect health effects of mercury from dental amalgam, of which the aim was to update the [...]

IAOMT Sues FDA For Failing To Address Risks Of Mercury In Fillings

See the press release below the news article. Related:            IAOMT editorial published in Lawsuit Seeks FDA Response on Petition on Dental Amalgam 03/05/2014 Several groups filed suit against FDA 3/5 in Washington, DC District Court seeking an order compelling the agency to respond to 2009 petitions calling for either a formal ban on dental [...]

Predicting the Future of Dental Amalgam Use and FDA Regulation

By Michael D. Fleming, DDS This article was published in the February 2013 edition of "DentalTown" Magazine There is a no greater challenge in dentistry these days than accurately predicting the future of dental amalgam use and FDA regulation. Given the more restrictive trends in federal and international regulatory policy with respect to mercury in [...]

The US Amalgam Debate

This paper, written by engineer Robert Cartland, who testified about his own experiences with mercury toxicity at the December, 2010, FDA hearings, is a very thorough, deeply researched look at the issues under debate concerning dental amalgam. View Article: Cartland -US Dental Amalgam Debate 2010 FDA Meeting 2012-11-18

Is it deceptive to call your practice "Mercury-Free Dentistry"?

The late Gary Strong, DDS, was an active early IAOMT member.  When the Montana Dental Board went after him for advertising “mercury free dentistry”, he contacted the Denver office of the Federal Trade Commission. The commission sent him this letter, after which the dental board was silent.   Federal Trade Commission                   [...]

Testimonies from the December 2010 FDA Hearing

The hopes and expectations of many people concerned with mercury exposure from dental amalgam fillings, those who have been injured by that exposure and those who hope to eliminate it in the future,  were expressed at the December 2010 FDA hearing. Some of the people who spoke for the four minute time allotment given to [...]

IAOMT-Sponsored Petition to Reverse FDA Classification of Amalgam

The IAOMT prepared the attached petition for a group of citizens as part of an effort to use all available legal means to overturn the FDA's classification of dental amalgam as a Class II device. The thrust of the petition is found in this quote: "We have no doubt that the FDA has the resources [...]

IAOMT Responses to FDA, 2008

In response to the FDA's call for public comment in regard to its intention to finally classify pre-encapsulated dental amalgam, the IAOMT submitted two papers it its own name. One was a paper fron the Scientific Advisory Board setting out the latest research that indicts amalgam as an unacceptably risky source of mercury exposure.  The [...]