Basu 2013: Ecogenetics of Mercury

ECOGENETICS OF MERCURY: FROM GENETIC POLYMORPHISMS AND EPIGENETICS TO RISK ASSESSMENT AND DECISION-MAKING BASU N, GOODRICH JM,  HEAD J, Environ Toxicol Chem 2014; 33:1248–1258. Abstract: The risk assessment of mercury (Hg), in both humans and wildlife, is made challenging by great variability in exposure and health effects. Although disease risk arises following complex interactions between [...]

Houston, 2014: The Role of Mercury in Cardiovascular Disease

Mark C. Houston Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, USA Director, Hypertension Institute and Vascular Biology, USA Medical Director, Division of Human Nutrition, Saint Thomas Medical Group, Saint Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee, USA J Cardiovasc Dis Diagn 2014, 2:5 Abstract Mercury toxicity is highly correlated with hypertension, coronary heart disease (CHD), [...]

The Dentist’s Health: Evaluating Occupational Risks From The Use Of Amalgam

By David Kennedy, DDS, and Amanda Just Every occupation exposes workers to chronic conditions and situations that have an impact on overall health. For example, violin players and other musicians are known to suffer high rates of carpal tunnel syndrome (a musculoskeletal injury) due to the repetitive hand movements and positioning often used when playing [...]

IAOMT Physician Members Speak Out

the Dental – Medical Partnership Traditional “dental medicine” has always concerned itself with dentistry for people with diseases – how to provide dental support for people with diabetes, for example, or the consequences of cancer treatment.  The “Health Model” brand of dental medicine that the IAOMT advocates has more to do with health promotion, the [...]

Wojcik, et. al.: Mercury Toxicity Presentation and Treatment

In a large series of cases reported by an environmental medicine clinic in New Zealand, a significant correlation was found between chronic mercury toxicity and apolipoprotein E-4 genotype.  Removal of mercury amalgam fillings combined with appropriate detoxification treatment resulted in significant reduction of symptoms, down to the level reported by healthy subjects. Mercury toxicity presenting [...]