MS, Mercury, and My Mouth

Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Ed Tobias | December 20,2016

When I was a child my teeth had a lot of cavities. So, I had lots of fillings in my mouth. The fillings were silver amalgam, which contain about 50% mercury.

Mercury is a pretty toxic metal. In fact, these days if you break a thermometer and its mercury spills onto the table, a hazardous materials team will be dispatched to clean it up.

Over the years there have been many reports written about whether mercury is dangerous to use in dental fillings. Some of those studies have associated silver fillings with several diseases, including multiple sclerosis, but the majority of those studies deny any connection with these diseases.

So, it was interesting that a news release hit my inbox the other day announcing that some European Union entities are in favor of banning these fillings in some cases.

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