Attention: Please be aware that there are several companies trying to solicit their services and have you book through them for your hotel room. Only trust booking through the hotel on our room block, or other reputable companies such as Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz, etc….if that is how you prefer to make your arrangements.

The IAOMT would like to thank the following exhibitors participating in our
Joint Spring Meeting, March 3-4, 2017


Allergy Research Group

Alliance for Natural Health

American Bio-Compatible Health Systems, Inc

American Herbal Solutions, LLC

American River Nutrition

Anterior Quest

APS Pharmacy

Argentyn 23 (Sponsor)

Biobotanical Research, Inc (Premium Exhibitor)

Biomat Infrared Health Solutions (Sponsor)

BioResource, Inc. (Sponsor)

Bio-Tech Pharmacal

Blanche Grube Enterprises, Inc (Premium Exhibitor)

Canada RNA Biochemical, Inc

Cell Power, LLC

CeraRoot, LLC

Charcoal House, LLC
Absent Exhibitor

Clifford Consulting and Research

College Pharmacy (Premium Exhibitor)

Cortes Advanced Dentistry

Cyrex Laboratories, LLC


DAVINCI (Sponsor)

Doctor’s Data, Inc

Dr. Tom McGuire’s Mercury
Safe Internet Directory

Ecological Formulas &
Cardiovascular Research

E.L. Foust, Co.


Forward Science

Frontline Dental Supply

Healthy Start/Ortho-Tain

Herbalix Restoratives (Premium Exhibitor)

Holistic Dental Association (Sponsor)

Holistic Mouth Solutions

Hyperbiotics (Sponsor)
Absent Exhibitor


IASIS Technologies Corpoation


In Light Wellness System

IQAir (Sponsor)



LivOn Laboratories (Sponsor)

M.A.R.S. Bio-Med (Sponsor)

Millennium Products

Mountain States Health Products

Neogenis Medical

Oligoscan Int’l (Premium Exhibitor)

Oxygen Healing Therapies

ProThera, Inc

Redmond (Sponsor)

Relax Saunas of Momentum

Researched Nutritionals (Sponsor)

The Great Plains Laboratory

Vanguard Dental Management


Wellness Pharmacy

Women’s International Pharmacy

Xlear/Spry, Inc

Your Energy Systems, LLC

Z-Systems USA, Inc. (Sponsor)