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A short introduction to the basic concepts of biological dentistry.

Mercury 101

A bit of amalgam history, properties,
and toxicity of mercury.

Mercury 102

Role of dental amalgam-exposing people-dental patients, dentists, and staff to toxic mercury.

Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings

Recommended methods to minimize exposure to mercury when drilling out old amalgam fillings

Environmental Impact of Dental Mercury

How mercury from dentistry finds its way into the environment, and how to mitigate it.

Nutrition in Dentistry

The long history of nutrition in dentistry, and its role in dentistry today.

Mercury Detox

Natural and medical approaches to promote excretion of toxic metals.


The science behind the IAOMT’s call
to end water fluoridation.

Biocompatibility & Oral Galvanism

The rationale and practical methods for individual biocompatibility testing.

Biological Periodontal Therapy

How the biological approach contributes
to the control of gum disease.

Hidden Pathogens

How common dental procedures can allow persistence of pathogens in hidden places, with systemic implications.