Attention: Please be aware that there are several companies trying to solicit their services and have you book through them for your hotel room. Only trust booking through the hotel on our room block, or other reputable companies such as expedia, hotwire, orbitz, etc….if that is how you prefer to make your arrangements.

The IAOMT would like to thank the following exhibitors participating in our Spring Meeting, March 11-12, 2016.

American Biocompaatible Health Systems

American Herbal Solutions

Argentyn 23 (Break Sponsor)

BioModeling Solutions, Inc (Absent Exhibitor)

Canada RNA Biochemical, Inc

Cell Power, LLC

Clifford Consulting & Research


DentAir Vac (Absent Exhibitor)

Dental Wellness Institute

DNA Connexions

E.L. Foust, Co.

EmeraMed (Lunch Sponsor)

Holistic Dental Association (Meeting App Sponsor)


Intellewave, Inc


M.A.R.S. Bio-Med

MicroDental Laboratories at Chicago (Meeting App Sponsor)

Millennium Products

Nierman Practice Management

Olive Gold 03

Oxygen Healing Therapies

Pertec of Wisconsin


Pure Body Institute

Quantum Wellness Solutions

Redmond-Earthpaste (Break Sponsor)

Relax Fir Master

Robert Scott Bell Show

Senergy Medical Group

VOCO America