Types of Exhibitors: Definitions:

An “Established Exhibitor” is defined as a company or individual who has exhibited in person at least one time in the preceding twelve months.

A “New Exhibitor” is defined as a company or individual who has either never exhibited with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) or has not exhibited for a period of two years prior to the meeting being registered for

An “Absent Exhibitor” is a company or individual who desires access to our attendees through exhibition of products or services, but who cannot physically be present to staff an exhibit booth or the exhibit hall has met its capacity and there is not space available. AE’s can reserve space on a table the IAOMT has reserved for this purpose. Refer to fees for rates.


A Sponsor is a company, organization, or individual who wish to support the Academy above standard exhibiting fees. Special recognition of our sponsors is included on the meeting app, our website, and from the podium as well as signage throughout the exhibit hall and on the registration table.

Standards for Exhibitors:

In order to maintain the standards of the IAOMT and its dedication to evidence-based health care; companies or organizations applying for exhibit space for the first time must submit a company description about the products/devices/services to be exhibited.  For products/devices that are FDA approved/ FDA registered, or under consideration for same, should be disclosed on the application.

Companies, organizations, or individuals who have previously submitted this information and are repeat applicants are not required to submit this information again if exhibiting the same products, devices or services. Repeat exhibitors will complete a “Registration Form” and only need to list any new product/service or device they may have added to their repertoire since their last exhibit with IAOMT.


Only participating paid exhibitors or absent exhibitors may advertise/market materials on the meeting app and at the meeting to attendees. At no time is a company, organization, or individual allowed to hand out materials outside the exhibit hall or their allowed booth space and cannot distribute any advertisement or marketing materials in any of the meeting rooms.


All reservations are subject to approval by the Exhibit Committee.

Reservations are reviewed as they are received and space is granted on a first come, first served basis. IAOMT reserves the right to decline any registration or request for reservation. If approved /accepted, the document becomes a contract between IAOMT and the Exhibitor. Exhibitor is bound to all exhibit fees, policies of IAOMT, applicable rules and regulations of the conference facility and any applicable local and state laws of the state where the conference is held. Generally, the conference facility prohibits affixing materials, posters, signs, banners, etc. to their walls with tape, pins or in any other manner.

If you are shipping large display items that are crated or in return shipping containers, you are required to clear these materials from the exhibit space before the exhibits open on the first day. You should make arrangements with the hotel to store these items for you. They cannot stay in the exhibit hall unless they can be safely stored in your space. Walkways and common areas of the exhibit hall must remain clear of any items that impede they flow of traffic or pose a potential safety hazard for the meeting attendees or other exhibitors.

Items used for exhibiting (tables, chairs, free standing exhibit pieces, etc.) must be restricted to your immediate space and may not spill over into another exhibit area or block traffic in the walkways.

The Exhibit Committee will make every effort to notify Exhibitor within 7 business days of status of application/reservation but reserves the right to require additional time when necessary to accommodate availability of exhibitor committee members and response to inquiries when evaluating documentation for claims.

The number of exhibit spaces is limited by the amount of space available at a selected conference site. IAOMT is not obligated to accommodate a registration or reservation request, which is received late, or after availability of exhibit space is exhausted. In the event that there are a greater number of registrants/reservations requests than space allows, the deciding factor shall be the date the registration/reservation was received in the IAOMT office. If registration/reservation request was received without the required deposit, then the date the deposit was received becomes the deciding factor.

Exhibitor agrees to follow any/all rules/regulations imposed by the conference facility and/or local/state laws. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain information about local or state laws in reference to the materials to be on display.

Once a registration/reservation form has been accepted, you will be notified in writing of the details for shipping materials, marketing materials to attendees; hotel reservation deadlines and any rules of the conference facility that IAOMT has been notified of in advance. Electric service will be provided when requested and at an additional charge of $100.

Exhibit Staff:

Exhibit fees include 2 persons to staff the exhibit except where otherwise noted, and includes admittance to the lectures, continental breakfast, breaks and lunches on Friday and Saturday. Additional staff for the exhibit will be charged $350 each. Each staff person listed on the application/reservation form receives an identification/name badge. This must be worn at all times while in attendance at the exhibit.

Sharing Exhibit Space:

Sharing of an exhibit space is allowed with prior approval of the IAOMT Exhibit Committee.  If the second exhibitor wishes to be included on our website, on the meeting app, and inclusion to meals and breaks, a sharing surcharge of $350 will be required. This fee covers only 1 staff person. If the second company registers more than 1 staff person, the additional staff fee of $350 applies. Two registration forms must be completed and submitted together with a cover letter requesting a shared space.

Exhibitors shall not permit any other party to use his/her assigned booth space for exhibition, solicitation, or promotion without having the Exhibit Committees approval first, as well payment of the surcharge of $350.

Music, Excessive Noise:

In consideration of others in the exhibit area, excessive noise that interferes with others exhibits will not be tolerated.

The music licensing organizations aggressively enforce US copyright law to secure fees when copyrighted music is played at meetings. IAOMT has not entered into an agreement with the licensing agencies and no copyrighted music may be played at IAOMT exhibits.

Speakers Requesting Exhibit Space:

Speakers who request exhibit space are subject to the same exhibit fees as regular exhibitors.  If a speaker wants to make products available for floor sales, a standard exhibit space should be reserved at the usual fee of $1200. Speakers may choose to have a standard exhibit space in lieu of an honorarium. In addition to the covering the difference of $200, the speaker will be required to cover any other extra costs, such as electrical service and additional attendees.

Additional Tables for Exhibit:

Additional tables may be rented for $400 each (L-shape) and are within the regular booth space allotted. If you wish to have double the space, the regular exhibiting fee would be double.

Early Reservations:

Registrations and requests for reservations can be made for the next scheduled meeting, immediately after a meeting has concluded.

A deposit of 50% of total fees secures the exhibit space. Balance of fees is required no later than 30 days prior to meeting date. Requests for exhibit space less than 30 days prior to meeting require full fees be paid at time of request.


The hotel/exhibition facility provides standard security services and the exhibit hall is locked up for the night. However, it is always prudent to make arrangements to keeps safe any equipment or other valuables. Neither the exhibition facility nor IAOMT guarantees against loss, theft, or damage of any kind.


Exhibitor covenants and agrees to hold the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT); the owners, operators, and managers of the exhibition facility; and the respective officers, agents, and employees of each (hereafter collectively referred to as “Exhibit Management”) harmless from any and all claims of liability, damage, or expense arising from any injury to or death of any person, including Exhibitor’s employees, agents, contractors, or guests or any loss of, damage to, or theft of any property. Exhibitor also agrees that Exhibit Management is not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of or to any property of anyone, including Exhibitor and its employees, agents, contractors, and guests while in transit to or from the facility, while in the facility, or otherwise.  Under no circumstances is the Exhibit Management liable for lost profits or other indirect, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages for any of their acts or omissions in connection with the Event, whether or not Exhibit Management has been apprised of the possibility of such damages or lost profits. Exhibit Management is not liable for any errors in any listing or descriptions or for omitting Exhibitor from the Event show guide or other materials. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify all members of the Exhibit Management group for any and all expenses, attorneys’ fees, and any judgments awarded or settlement amounts agreed to. In no event will Exhibit Management liability hereunder, or otherwise in connection with the event, exceed the amount actually paid to it by Exhibitor for the Space.


The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) is not a bailee, insurer, or guarantor of the safety of Exhibitor’s property and will not be liable for loss of or damage to it. All Exhibitor property is understood to be under Exhibitor’s custody and control at all times. Exhibitors must insure their own property. Exhibitor will maintain, at its sole expense, comprehensive general liability insurance covering bodily injury and death to persons and property damage with minimum per occurrence limits of $1,000,000 and workers compensation and employer’s liability insurance covering all those engaged by Exhibitor to provide services on its behalf with minimum limits as required by the laws of state where exhibit will take place in addition to adequate casualty property coverage for its property. The general liability policy will name the IAOMT and the facility owner and/or manager as additional insureds and all rights of subrogation against Exhibition Management must be waived. It is Exhibitor’s responsibility to provide the IAOMT with a certificate evidencing such insurance prior to set-up.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Cancellations made 60 days prior to conference will receive an 85% refund of monies paid. Cancellations 59-15 days prior to conference receive a 70% refund of monies paid. Cancellations made 15 days or less prior to conference or no shows receive no refund of monies paid.

Changes to Exhibit Reservation: Changes to registration or reservation that are made after submission to IAOMT can be made up to 30 days in advance of the conference date.  Any additional funds due for requested change are due at the time of the change request. (Example of changes that need prior notification is: adding a person to exhibit staff; additional table; electrical service, if not requested in original reservation. If you have a change, and you are not sure if notification is needed, contact the IAOMT office for direction. In the event that a change results in a refund of monies already paid, the refund shall be made by the IAOMT by check.  IAOMT cannot guarantee that requested changes made less than 30 days prior to the conference could be accommodated.

Assignment of Exhibit Location:

The general policy for exhibit location is first come first served. However, some exhibit locations are assigned based on special needs/requirements of the exhibitor. If you have a special need (such as a phone line or have a floor back drop), you should indicate this on the registration form. Upon arriving for set up look for your name on the assigned table/space.

Please, do not switch spaces without consulting the Exhibitor Liaison.

Exhibit Options:

Standard Exhibit: 

Exhibitor is present for the entire conference, occupying an exhibit space.

Absent Exhibitor:

Exhibit Committee Staff will not staff the table for you or answer any questions about the items on display. We will however, encourage all inquiries be directed to the exhibiting company. We display a visitor form for attendees to affix their name, address and telephone info if they want an immediate follow-up contact from the absent exhibitor. These are sent to the AE within the first week after the conference concludes.

The Exhibit Committee’s responsibility to an AE extends only to placing the materials received on the display table and restocking throughout the conference. The Exhibit Committee also oversees repacking and preparation for return of any leftover materials. If the AE does not wish any materials to be returned, they will be disposed of.

AE (absent exhibitor) is responsible for shipping materials direct to the conference site in time to be included on the exhibit table. AE should also call the hotel or shipper to provide tracking numbers and confirm that materials have arrived.  AE is responsible for the payment of any handling fees the conference facility may impose and for any and all costs of return shipment of any leftover materials. This includes but may not be limited to, fees imposed by the conference site and the actual shipping costs.

Return of leftover materials:  Pre-paid shipping labels should be sent with the materials if return is requested. Return shipping labels should be completely fi