Mercury in San Francisco Bay Fish Affecting Health

from KQED.org, November 5, 2015 Some of the California Pacific Medical Center physician’s well-heeled patients were coming into her clinic complaining of fatigue, or trouble thinking – an on-and-off feeling of not being well. Sometimes it was problems with vision, hearing, nausea and vomiting, or a metallic taste in the mouth. In 1999, she began [...]

Fluoride poisoning recognized in Indian villages

from The Guardian, October 29, 2015 The Indian village fighting fluoride poisoning with vitamins and clean water For years the people of Tapatjuri, a remote village in northeast India, thought evil spirits were tormenting them. It was the only way they could explain why hundreds of people in their community were crippled, with bones bent [...]

Endocrine Society Strengthens Statement on Disrupting Chemicals

from Science, September 28, 2105 Links between health problems and endocrine-disrupting chemicals now stronger, statement argues The list of health problems that scientists can confidently link to exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals has grown to include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, a new scientific statement suggests. The statement, released today by the Endocrine Society, also adds support to [...]

Coca-Cola Buys Favor With Health Groups

from The New York Times, September 28, 2015 Coke Spends Lavishly on Pediatricians and Dietitians When the American Academy of Pediatrics needed support for a website it created to promote children’s health, it turned to a surprising partner: Coca-Cola. The world’s largest maker of sugary beverages, Coca-Cola has given nearly $3 million to the academy [...]

States, Industry Sue to Overturn Mercury Pollution Rule

from EENEWS, September 25, 2015 Industry, states ask court to scrap MATS rule Several states and industry groups yesterday asked a federal court to toss out the Obama administration's landmark standards for reducing mercury pollution at coal-fired power plants. Led by White Stallion Energy Center LLC and the state of Michigan, the parties argued that [...]

Mercury news from the ocean

from takepart.com, September 7, 2015 A new study finds an unlikely source of contamination—the fur and skin of elephant seals. Año Nuevo State Reserve sits on a wild stretch of the California coast 60 miles south of San Francisco, far from power plants and other sources of pollution. So when researchers found 35 times more [...]

Looking for a good reason to eat organic food?

Connecticut DSS Won’t Allow Composite Fillings

from Consumers for Dental Choice, August 3, 2015   Exposing separate but “equal” dentistry Yesterday’s Hartford Courant, Connecticut’s #1 newspaper, featured an op-ed exposing yet another injustice resulting from the traditional dental industry’s obsession with mercury: the resurgence of separate but “equal” dentistry.*Authored by Hartford city councilwoman and civil rights attorney Cynthia Jennings, former Hartford health director and physician Mark [...]

Dentists Retain Monopoly for Teeth Whitening in Connecticut

from Dr. Bicuspid, July 24, 2015   Court rules for dentists in Conn. teeth-whitening case A federal appeals court has upheld a Connecticut law restricting nondentists from shining light-emitting diode (LED) teeth-whitening lights on customers' teeth. The judges ruled that economic protectionism for favored interest groups is a legitimate use of government power. The 2nd U.S. [...]

Editorial: Feds OK mercury in teeth but not in air

from the Lexington Herald-Leader, July 23, 2015 Consider: One arm of the Obama administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, is requiring power plants to install billions of dollars in pollution controls to keep mercury from falling on land and water where it contaminates fish that humans might eat. Meanwhile, another arm of the administration, the Department of Health [...]