Your contribution to the IAOMT Donation Program is greatly appreciated and needed to help promote the goals of the IAOMT in establishing a safer approach to dental care.

Our major international effort in 2014, in support of the historic Minamata Convention on international trade in mercury, is to promote mercury free and mercury safe dentistry around the world. We have inaugurated a Technical Assistance Programme (TAP), with projects beginning in Brazil and the Philippines, helping dentists and dental schools transition away from mercury amalgam tooth fillings, and toward environmentally responsible methods of dealing with mercury dental waste. The TAP will be a primary beneficiary of your unrestricted donations.

The IAOMT seeks and accepts endowments and donations from private sources and distributes the income to accomplish its scientific research and social education mission to ensure safer dental care for all.

If your donation is made in memory of someone special, please email us the details at