Your contribution to IAOMT is tax-deductible and will help promote the goals of the IAOMT in establishing safer, healthier dental care for all. Past and current projects that have been funded by your donations include:

• Environmental and Public Health Campaign

IAOMT’s Environmental and Public Health Campaign (EPHC) has already brought mercury-free and mercury-safe dental practices to thousands of dentists and hundreds of thousands of patients around the globe. We have inaugurated a Technical Assistance Programme (TAP), an integral part of this campaign, with projects beginning in Brazil and the Philippines, helping dentists and dental schools transition away from mercury amalgam tooth fillings, and toward environmentally responsible methods of dealing with mercury dental waste.

Dental amalgam fillings, which contain 50% mercury, represent one-fourth of global mercury consumption in products, and mercury is a known neurotoxin that can cause serious harm to all humans, especially children, pregnant women, and fetuses. Furthermore, the use of dental amalgam results in an estimated 300 tons of toxic mercury released annually into the environment, where it wreaks havoc on the entire ecosystem for centuries.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)’s 2013 Minamata Convention on Mercury has unified the world in ending the use of mercury in processes and products. Now signed by over 100 nations including the United States, this legally-binding agreement strongly encourages a global phase-down on the use amalgam fillings as a means to preserve the environment and protect human health.

In fact, part of our EPHC was specifically developed to assist the United States and other countries in fulfilling aspects of this treaty, which encourages nations to work with organizations (like the IAOMT) to train dentists about alternatives to dental amalgam fillings and about safe mercury practices that will reduce toxic releases to humans and the environment. This is because many dentists require training in the use of mercury-free alternatives, safe mercury removal procedures, and the most up-to-date mercury handling practices before they can apply these techniques to their daily routines.

• Funding of scientific studies

The IAOMT was founded in 1984 in large part because scientific studies on mercury dental amalgam were not being funded by the federal government. Early studies funded by the IAOMT included the sheep and monkey amalgam studies, which documented that mercury vapor from amalgam is distributed in organs throughout the body. More recently the IAOMT funded the reanalysis of the data from the Children’s Amalgam Trial, which documented neurobehavioral harm to children in the key study that, ironically, had until then been cited by amalgam proponents as providing evidence for the safety of amalgam.

More recently, the IAOMT funded a study documenting the high levels of mercury exposure incurred by dentists, staff, and patients, during amalgam removal under various controls. The study is in the process of being submitted for publication.

• Online scientific library

Unveiled in 2014, the IAOMT Library is a publicly searchable database of resources related to biological and biocompatible dentistry including scientific articles, regulatory information, and educational materials.

• Continuing education in mercury-free, mercury-safe dentistry

In support of its mission to promote mercury-free, mercury-safe dentistry, the IAOMT has developed an online, accredited, continuing education program. Dentists from around the world who may be unfamiliar with mercury-free, mercury-safe dentistry can now access our online program and obtain CEUs and in the process will learn the key concepts in mercury science that have not been taught in dental schools.

• Mercury-free baby

The IAOMT and the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD) are cosponsoring Mercury Free Baby, a public awareness campaign with the mission of helping parents make informed choices about which types of dental restorative materials and vaccines are used for their own care and the care of their children.

• Support for independent documentary film, You Put What in my Mouth?

The IAOMT has provided partial funding for this independent documentary, which is currently in film festivals and will have its public debut in the summer of 2015. You Put What In My Mouth? is a powerful documentary that explores the dangers of dental mercury fillings, otherwise known as “silver” amalgam fillings. This film will take viewers on a daring exploration of personal journeys and experiences with professionals from all sides of the dental mercury exposure debate. Both sides of this issue are showcased so that you can determine your own opinion about the potential hazards of dental mercury fillings.

• Promoting change of the FDA’s Position on mercury fillings

Since 2009 the IAOMT has sponsored an ongoing legal action against the FDA’s current (2009) amalgam rule. In 2009, IAOMT attorneys filed two lengthy legal Petitions for Reconsideration with the FDA, which outlined the scientific evidence against amalgam. Three petitions were filed by other parties as well. As a result, the FDA convened a hearing of its science advisory panel in 2010. Following that hearing, the FDA agreed to reconsider its amalgam rule.

In March 2013 the IAOMT attorneys filed an amendment that updated the administrative record with new science published since 2009, including new studies from the Casa Pia Children’s Amalgam Trial showing neurobehavioral deficits and other adverse effects associated with amalgam.

The FDA settled this lawsuit by responding on January 27, 2015. In response the IAOMT issued the following Press Release.

• Support for related organizations: Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions (DAMS)

The IAOMT supports the work of related organizations such as DAMS (, which provides personalized information to patients seeking help with both mercury toxicity issues and mercury-safe dental care.

• Media relations

The IAOMT seeks to develop a communications plan that will attempt to place its message in the public eye at regular intervals in coordination with other organizations and with news events.

Your donations

The IAOMT seeks and accepts donations and endowments from private sources and distributes the funds to accomplish its scientific research and social education mission to ensure safer, healthier dental care for all.

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