The IAOMT Accreditation Program is the pathway to the future of dentistry. The medical and dental communities are finally coming to the realization that the oral cavity is indeed part of the body, and that dental health and therapy cannot be divorced from systemic health. Even patients are now demanding “qualified” or “specially trained” biocompatible dentists.

Accreditation by the IAOMT will certify to the public that a member has been trained and tested in the basics of biocompatible dentistry, including current methods for safe removal of dental amalgam.

Accredited members have featured placement in the public “find a doctor” search results.

The Education Committee has established the following requirements for IAOMT Accreditation:

  • Active membership in IAOMT.
  • Enrollment; consisting of a fee of $1000.00 (U.S.), made out to “IAOMT” and sent to the office. If you wish, this may be submitted in installments; $500 at application, $500 by completion of the requirements.
  • Attendance at a minimum of two IAOMT meetings including the Fundamentals of Biological Dentistry course.
  • Successful completion of a Written Examination on the six Core Curriculum Courses and IAOMT Standards of Care (requirement of 90% correct for each section).
  • Amalgam Replacement Case History, from examination to completion and follow-up, presented at an oral interview conducted at an IAOMT Spring meeting (by appointment with the Executive Director), or online with Go-To-Meeting.

Upon enrollment in the accreditation program, you receive:

  1. Video tapes of the six Core Curriculum Courses.
  2. The IAOMT Standards of Care (SOC).
  3. The written examination (to be sent to the IAOMT office upon completion; 90% correct required per section; sections failed must be repeated and resubmitted).
  4. Instructions and forms for amalgam removal case presentation.

All these items are for completion at home, except the interview for the case histories.